Atlanta, GA

international Congress Actvity Reaching Everyone 


At - A - Glance 

*Preliminary listing of activites more information to come

Wednesday, April 23rd @12 - 4pm

Visit one of the many colleges and universities in the Atlanta area. Sign up for more information. Sign up deadline is April 1st


Pre- Congress Fellowship Service 

Wednesday, April 23rd @7pm

Join us in worship with the Apostolic Assemblies of Chirst, Inc. (AAC) Guest Speaker Elder Mark Moore - National Youth President (AAC)

Congress Scavenger Hut 

Wednesday, April 23rd @10:00pm

Start your mornings off with at workout every morning during Congress 2014 at 8:00am. Register for more information

Friday, April 25th @1pm

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Friday, April 25th @ Midnight

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Saturday, April 26th @8:30am

Asking all Diocese and Local Youth Leaders to come out for fun, food and fellowship. 

Saturday, April 26th @1