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This resource page has been created to equip you with vital information, resources and tools to be ambassadors and messengers for this life changing event. You can help in the following ways:



We need an army of prayer warriors lifting up Presidents Johnson, Griffih, McCoy, the entire Congress staff and the thousands of travelers and visitors coming to this event.  Please pray for the success of Congress 2015 that it is effective in impacting lives for the Kingdom of God.



Here’s your opportunity to be a messenger of the Good News that will be shared at Congress 2015.  We want you to take advantage of the resources found on this page to assist with grassroots efforts to inform people about Congress 2015. If this ministry has impacted your life in any way, tell someone about it and invite them. 



Tweet about it. Post it on Facebook. Share photos on Instagram. Use our convenient social media resources to instantly share information about Congress 2014 with those in your sphere of influence. We’ve made it so easy to copy and paste your posts, share video clips or even upload graphics directly into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more… Your support makes all the difference. We look forward to seeing YOU and your friends at the Congress 2015 in Bufflo, NY!!!

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Follow us on our official Congress pages and make sure to use the hashtag #CONGRESS






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Ignite your vision by experiencing #CONGRESS 2015 in Atlanta! Leaders just like you will be there! Be there, too!




Get ready to Branch Out! #CONGRESS 2015 is right around the corner! Keep up with things by following @iCongress and @IABYPU




#CONGRESS 2015 has something special in store for the visionary in you! Branch Out for an unforgettable experience!  




#CONGRESS is developing insightful learning tracks to teach u practical methods u can implement in your ministry!




Votes are in #CONGRESS 2015 in Bufflo is the place to receive relevant wisdom and divine strategy for success!




Branch Out at #CONGRESS 2015 in Bufflo! Get on track with wisdom and teaching from Kingdom movers and shakers!

To share with your friends, click the share button & let people know that you are coming to the conference. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

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