iLead Insitute


Provides ministry training tools and opportunities to youth leaders through workshops, certification, internships and continuing education courses.


Let's Move


Is designed to fulfill our mission to develop healthy lifestyles amongst our young people, both spiritually and physically.


Young Women In Ministry


“Young Women in Ministry” (YWIM) promotes fellowship and support for young women walking in various stages of their calls to ministry. YWIM will provide opportunities for emerging young women in ministry to sit at the feet of and glean pearls of wisdom from other experienced godly – women and from each other. YWIM will work in partnership with the International Missionary Department, International Women’s Council, and International Ministers and Deacons Wives Guild.


Guide Me 


Is a mentorship initiative that will link young people to persons working in their desired careers. Guide Me would serve as a networking opportunity for focused and active young people. Additionally, Guide Me would partner new and inexperienced Diocese and Local presidents with seasoned and veteran Union presidents.


Alumni Association 


The Alumni Association will serve as a place and platform for persons who are no longer eligible to be considered a part of the IABYPU, but would like to still work in partnership with the IABYPU. Alumni would serve as mentors and support persons in the IABYPU.



Seely Grant 


The Seely Grant is offered to Local and Diocese Unions who need financial assistance to execute programs and initiatives. The grant is named in honor of the 1st ABYPU President, President Leon Seely 1922-1924

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