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          Elder Mark Parrott II is a passionate follower of Christ.  He is a faithful husband, worshipper and servant. Elder Parrott is a member of the Lighthouse Temple Church, in Newark, NJ under the leadership of Pastor Mark E. Parrott Sr. 

          Throughout the years he has served tirelessly in various capacities; as Youth Pastor, Sunday school teacher, mentor, leadership team coordinator and Outreach Ministry team.  He currently serves as the 28th  International A.B.Y.P.U. President, local Youth Pastor, New Jersey Metropolitan Diocese Sunday School Assistant Superintendent.

          Elder Parrott’s outgoing and down to earth personality enable him to encourage, edify and witness to a vast variety of age groups, diverse cultures and walks of life.  He is employed at his Alma mater, Southern Connecticut State University, where he received his degree in Business Administration.  In his position as a Student Affairs Administrator, he holds steadfast to his firm belief in educating, equipping and encouraging youth in the church, the community and in the realm of higher education.

          Elder Parrott desires to continue to contribute to the International A.B.Y.P.U. and the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a whole, by helping today’s generation promote a climate of committed service and spiritual covenant relationship with Christ.   

28th President     

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