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Strategic Plan   

“Write the Vision and Make it Plain”

Habakkuk 2:2

Within these pages are strategies that will guide the International Armor Bearers Young Peoples’

Union (IABYPU) for the next three years. This document, “ABYPU 360” for 2013-2016, was

developed through much research and prayer.


The plan builds upon IABYPU past accomplishments, and seeks to sustain a mission of faith,

scholarship and service. The plan seeks to continue the growth of healthy, vibrant and productive

unions that will provide real and relevant ministry to the communities they have been called to

serve. Through the plan's assessments and reassessments, the IABYPU will continue to transcend

traditional barriers in order to provide significant growth for youth and youth leaders.


The Strategic Plan is the first step in a series of constructs that will be developed to meet the needs of the IABYPU and the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ from 2013-2016 and beyond. If while reading his plan you have comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions please feel free to share them. Any input and contribution is both welcomed and accepted.


The overall goal of the strategic plan is to be an active, widely used document that guides all parts of the IABYPU to move forward with purposeful action in a unified direction. Each unit within the auxiliary will use the IABYPU 2013–2016 Strategic Plan as a guide to develop and document unit-specific strategies to implement the plan. Additionally, the Strategic Plan will serve as an informational guide for Diocesan Bishops and Pastors in providing a comprehensive outline of the goals and objectives of the IABYPU and how it relates to their respective Unions.



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